Some audio/video editing for a podcast

Hi everyone,
I run a podcast called "The Localization Podcast" that lives in both audio and video format. The recording is typically up to 2 hours long, recorded on Cast (audio) + OBS (video from zoom session).
I'm looking for someone reliable with attention to detail who can take care of the audio & video. Your main job would be:
- noise reduction, compression
- scrub the recording and remove obvious issues and long pauses
- add my existing music + intro I'll record to the MP3
- sync the video with audio
- do a simple color correction
- apply the video layout based on previous videos
- add intro scene + end screen to the MP4
- deliver MP3 and MP4 to me
I've been doing the whole editing by myself for a long time, now looking for someone to help me with it. Because I know the process so well and it's working, I don't want any special effects or extra work.
I do other video content as well, so hoping for a long-term partnership on other projects.
Thanks for your non-copy-pasta applications!

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